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[Create Digging] Detective-S/T


Did you ever watch the show WKRP In Cincinnati? I loved it as a kid. Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap and Loni Anderson as Jennifer Marlowe. However, I was more of a Bailey fan myself. Anyway, in one of the earlier episodes “Hoodlum Rock” was the first time I heard Detective. In the episode, the singer of the fictional band Scum Of The Earth was Michael Des Barres who sings for the real band Detective.

Detective’s debut was released in 1977 on Swan Song Records and produced by Andy Johns. When you think about it, that is a HUGE coup for a new group. Besides Michael, the band is made up of ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, ex-Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, drummer Jon Hyde, and bassist Bobby Pickett. No, not that Bobby Pickett.

Listening to the album you’ll hear that the songs run the gamut of 70’s radio. There’s “Grim Reaper” and “One More Heartache”, two great loud bombastic nods to their label bosses Led Zeppelin. “Nightingale” is a textbook power ballad that would’ve been perfect for when the local DJ says “couples skate only”. They switch it up a bit on “Ain’t None Of You Business” as showcases Jon Hyde raspy vocals, some dirty electric organs, and harkens back to some of the British bands earlier in the decade. They do make some curious choices here as well. “Deep Down” is a slow instrumental that at first spin seems out of place. The track is good but seems more like a bone thrown to Kaye and Monarch. The oddest out of them all is “Wild Hot Summer Nights”. Its a very funky number that sounds like it wandered over from a Commodores recording session.

There’s a lot to like her. Des Barres is a great singer. His voice just oozes attitude and swagger. Jon Hyde is a powerhouse drummer and any comparisons to Bonham are deserved. One complaint is maybe they didn’t have a definite focus. For me a debut album should to be a bit more defined.

I really like this album. Detective were a fantastic band that somehow slipped through the cracks. I guess the guys at Swan Song could only concentrate on Led Zeppelin and Bad Company

I bought this for $4 and it’s in decent shape. I would recommend picking this up even at $10.

Final Verdict:

I really really underpaid for this

I really underpaid for this

I paid about right

I over paid

I should have lit my money on fire

A final notation, listen to Michael Des Barres previous band Silverhead. Horrible name but some unreal 70’s glam rock.


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