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[Crate Digging] Little Steven-Voice of America

Let’s get something straight from the start. My buying Voice Of America has nothing to do with Bruce Springsteen.

I hate Bruce Springsteen.

I loathe Bruce Springsteen.

I would not date someone if she liked Bruce Springsteen.

The main reason I bought this album is because Jean Beauvoir is on it. Every Kiss fanatic knows that name plus he was in the Plasmatics. Helluva a career if you ask me. I was a little surprised to see that Jean did not write any songs on this, especially when you hear how AOR this album is.

Both sides Track 1’s would fit perfectly in an montage during an 80’s movie , which is the proper definition of AOR. “Voice of America” is very bouncy but “Los Desparecidos” has a bit of a sinister streak to it. It is also one of the songs you could easily hear Bruce doing. Interesting side note is that this album came out a month before Born in The USA came out.

Sadly, those are the best parts. This was recorded around the time Steven was doing his Sun City stuff so it is very political. Worse, it comes across as really corny. “Solidarity” is a bad Ska song about polish labor leader Lech Walesa.

Seriously? Who wants to rock out to that?

“Justice”, “I Am A Patriot”, “Checkpoint Charlie” are more political songs that are so heavy-handed even the most rabid students at Berkeley would tell him to tone it down.

Voice Of America could have been a really good album if Steven would have toned down the politics. Some artists can do that and some can’t. He is in the later camp. Also, he really missed the boat by not utilizing Jean Beauvoir who would go on to write songs that would have fit nicely here.

I do suppose that a Bruce fan might give this a higher grade than me.

I paid $2 for this:

I really really under paid

I really under paid

Paid about right 

Over paid

Should have lit my money on fire

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