Stuff I’m Looking For

Just like all of you I have holes in my collection that I am hoping the WWW can help me fill.


Seduce-S/T-self released album before they got signed

Snatch-If The Party’s IN Your Mouth…We’re Comin’-an EP that appears to be self released.  Great cover

Snow-S/T EP-released on Dynamic around 1980.


Iron Maiden-The Castle re-issues that are 2 disc sets with bonus tracks on 2nd disc.

Savatage-Re-issues with bonus tracks

Savatage-promo single for “Rain”-it had that track plus a couple of rehearsal tracks with Alex Skolnick playing.

Super Trans Atlantic– demos that Jason Beiler, ex-Saigon Kick, put out by himself. There were around 30 tracks.




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