[Crate Digging] Max Havoc-S/T


There’s that saying that never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

I’d like to offer a spin on that. Never go to a record show after you’ve watched a music documentary.

That’s how I plunked down too much money for the debut album of Max Havoc. “Who the hell is Max Havoc?” you may ask. Just like you I had never heard of them until I saw Inside L.A. Metal. It is an anthology series on the early days of the Sunset Strip before the boom era of the mid to late 80’s. It’s a fun watch, plus it has lots of great pics and footage of bands I have never heard of. One of those bands was Max Havoc. They played all the well known clubs and had an association with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. Apparently Max Havoc was supposed to be Ward’s new band. The guys that are here are fantastic. This came out in 1983, well before the glam dominant sound that would  soon follow. This still has a 70’s influence to it. It’s kicks of with “I’m the Show” a party rocker but with a lot more power behind it. In doing research on Max Havoc I saw one reviewer say they’re a mix of Van Halen and Saxon. Given the time, that’s a pretty solid comparison. My favorite track is “Bound for Hell”. Has a little bit of swagger to it and the band shows their love for Zeppelin half way through.

I have had this record spinning non-stop for a solid week . Just a fantastic listen and am dumbfounded as to why they never made it. My guess is by the time the boom hit they were considered old hat. This was released on Triple Platinum Records and the only release by that label. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that this was the bands label. The only negative I have about this album is the cover.

It’s awful.

Really awful.

Seriously, it’s atrocious.

Besides the disgustingly bad art, the band’s name isn’t on the cover. Who’s brilliant idea was that? Plus it makes them look like a NWOBHM band, and they’re not. These guys are rockers.

So it’s obvious I like it, the question is how much did I pay for it. Like i said at the start, I was in the susceptible headspace when purchasing it. Nonetheless, I laid down a whopping $30 for the Max Havoc LP.

I really really under paid

I really under paid

Paid about right

I over paid

I should have lit my money on fire


It’s in really nice condition but I admittedly paid too much. Not that I’m upset about buying it, but this is a $20 record.



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