Enuff Z’NUff-Covered In Gold

1957I’ve always liked Enuff Z’nuff. Their unique blend of Beatles worship and hard rock, never failed to deliver. Yet, they never really broke through. Even with Rolling Stone magazine praising them and Howard Stern, the King Of All Media, being a big fan even having them on his show. As fortune and fame eluding them, singer Donnie Vie and bassist Chip Z’nuff have kept trudging along. The band has apparently called it a day as Donnie has just released an album called Goodbye:Enough Z’nuff with a tombstone on it. So the all covers album Covered in Gold is the bands final salute as the walk out the door.
It’s not so much a salute as it is a middle finger. Many of these have already been released. “Tears Of A Clown”, “All Apologies”, “Stone Cold Crazy”,”Jealous Guy”, “Hide Your Love Away”, “Jean Genie” and “When Doves Cry”. That’s half of the songs on here that are already available in one form or another. Out of those “Tears of A Clown” is the best version. Great melding of the classic version with hard rock. “When Doves Cry” is pretty good as well since they did not do a straight cover and made it their own song. Of course the two Beatles tracks are good, that’s right in the bands wheelhouse. “All Apologies” sounds like Donnie did a shot of heroin and was about to pass out as he sounded so tired.
Now of the new covers, most of them are misses. The best of those is Cheap Trick’s “Everything Works If You Let It”. Great song that works perfectly for the boys and you wonder whey they hadn’t done other CT covers before. “The Stroke” is an interesting choice but on record is doesn’t work nearly as well as it probably does at a show. Downhill from there. There’s a scene in the movie That Thing You Do where the Tom Hanks character is telling the band they need to do those songs from the Play-Tone catalog. Enuff Z’Nuff doing “Believe It or Not”aka the theme from Greatest American Hero seems like the same situation. The last time I heard someone cover it was when Hep Alien did it on Gilmore Girls as a goof. David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose” is absolutely butchered here. The guitar player Donnie Monaco doesn’t have the chops to replicate Steve Vai’s talking guitar and it comes off sad. Plus he apes the same banter that Diamond Dave does and it’s very embarrassing.
For as much praise Enuff Z’Nuff have earned Covered In Gold is an embarrassing way to close it out. I’m just going to pretend that this never came out and remember the good albums. I don’t know if this is a contract fulfillment or just a cash grab. Hopefully it’s not the later because if you buy this, shame on you.

Final rating, I’d be happy paying…
$14.99-Regularly Priced CD
$9.99-Download from iTunes or Amazon
$5.00-but it as a used CD
$1.00-streaming it on Spotify
$0-Not worth the drive space

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