Fozzy-Sin and Bones

To paraphrase the influential Schoolhouse Rocks!, congratulations Fozzy now your a band. Up until the release of their new CD Sin and Bones, the band has had a novelty glow about them. I guess when your best known member is a pro wrestler that can happen.

However, Chis Jericho’s notoriety should no longer act as a hindrance as he and the band have made a very good hard rock/metal album. I mentioned both genres because Sin and Bones does have some variety. To use an example that satellite radio users will understand, Sin and Bones goes from Octane to Hair Nation to Liquid Metal.

It is a very modern metal sounding with “Spider In My Mouth”, “Sin and Bones” and “Sandpaper”. The later features some guest vocals from M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold. While “Sandpaper” may be the first single I like “Spider In My Mouth” a lot more. It has a more fun element to it that evokes some of the glam hard rock the band obviously likes. “She’s My Addiction” seems like and ode to the glory days of the Sunset Strip in music and lyrics. Topped off with a big gang vocal chorus.

Sin and Bones is rounded out with some surprisingly heavy offerings. “Blood Happens” is a big time metal track with the fitting “cookie monster” vocals that while shocking in that they were used but they sounded great and fit in well. The album finishes off with “Storm The Beaches” a ten-minute homage to Iron Maiden and all of their story telling epics.

This enjoyment of this album was quite surprising. Even though I am card carrying Jericho-holic, his music career has been “eh” for me. Sadly it was because of his voice, I never thought it was good enough. Cannot say that anymore as he has found his own voice. Pun somewhat intended. It is undeniably similar to Sebastian Bach at times but Jericho makes it his own with some raspy-ness and some deep registers. I think between his extended vacations from WWE and Rich Ward’s other band Stuck Mojo in hibernation, the two were able to give Fozzy some proper attention.

It is safe to say that Sin and Bones is a statement album in that it lets the music world know that while Fozzy may have started out as a fun side project it is now a legitimate metal band.

Final rating, I’d be happy paying…

$14.99-Regularly Priced CD

$9.99-Download from iTunes or Amazon

$5.00-wait for Amazon to have it on sale

$1.00-finding at a flea market, car wash, or pawn shop

$0-Not worth the drive space



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