Trixter-New Audio Machine

My initial reaction to the thought of a new Trixter CD coming out is essentially the same to the one for Battleship The Movie.


It has been a decade since the band last did a studio album. And that one wasn’t a chart burner by any means. Nonetheless the boys from New Jersey have just released New Audio Machine. The album starts of dubiously with “Drag Me Down”, a cookie cutter blues rocker that evoked all those crappy songs that tried to dirty up the blues just because Cinderella had some success on their third album with it. Thankfully after that everything else it mostly uphill. “Get On It” follows and shows off what made this style of music popular. Catchy hooks and gang vocals that just reels the listener in. While “Machine” and “Dirty Love” may be formulaic it doesn’t make them less enjoyable.

The first single, and video, is “Tattoos & Misery” probably the best song off the album. A rollicking recollection of regret that everyone should relate to. Assuming that Jack Daniels, auto theft, and arson

are a regular occurrence in your love life.

Another treat is “Save Your Soul” a song about rockin’ and I have long lamented that there are not nearly enough songs about rockin’. When I was a kid it seemed like every band had a least one song per album about it.

There are the a couple of power ballads on here but they are more soft rock than the what is on Monster Ballads. “Coolest Thing” is reminiscent of Beggars & Thieves who put out one of the best albums of last year.

To put it bluntly, New Audio Machine is a shockingly good collection of catchy hard rock numbers. The band could have made a quick cash grab by putting out an album of re-recorded songs plus covers. Instead they created an album they can truly be proud of. Credit should also be given to Frontiers Records whom seem to unearth bands lost in shuffle and breath new live into them.

Final Rating

$9.99-Download from iTunes or Amazon

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