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Adrenaline Mob-Omerta

Remember when David Carusso left his role on NYPD, one of the biggest shows on TV, to star in movies? He made Kiss Of Death, with a stellar cast that included Samuel Jackson, Helen Hunt, Nic Cage, and Michael Rappoport. The movie tanked and he became a punchline. After listening to Omerta, Adrenaline Mob is Mike Portnoy’s Kiss Of Death. Mike was best known for being a founding member and drummer of Dream Theater. He was fired from his own group and Adrenaline Mob is his first new offering. Formed along with such well known musician as vocalist Russell Allen from Symphony X and Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo.


What is surprising about Omerta is how pedestrian it is. I don’t think anyone expected this band to rival his previous one but I think we all expected that they be competent. What you get here is a well produced local band. Omerta opens with “Undaunted” a song that sounds like it was a C-side from Godsmack. Actually a Godsmack tribute band.


Please God do not let there be a Godsmack tribute band.


All the songs that follow use the same pseudo-tough guy lyric accompanied by bad hard rock. Russell Allen seems way out of his element here. His style may work with his other bands progressive material but here it just doesn’t jibe. Listening to “Feelin’ Me” is almost a comical experience. The juvenile lyrics with its over use of the F word are chuckle worthy. Only thing worse are the power ballads on here.


The “topper” is the cover of Duran Duran’s “Come Undone”. While the song does get a nice makeover the decision to have Lizzy Hale of Halestorm sing backgrounds are shocking.


Shockingly bad.


All of the early press for this band referred to them as a supergroup. A group they are, super they are not. Maybe if Mike will concentrate on just one project at a time instead of the 30 he is doing right now, the next release will be better. I just don’t know if there will be an audience that wants to find out.





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