I have never been a huge fan of power metal. The whole concept of knights and armor and dragons and wizards, have seemed a little goofy to me. However, looking through my CD collection I see lots of Dio and Iron Maiden and they, among others, mined the same lyrical content so I figure whey be the typical music snob. I lowered my nose and popped in the new one from Battlelore, Doombound.

It would be a mistake to lump these guys in with all the other D&D, viking, storming the castle, bands. Battlelore has different kind of sound. While they do have a clean female vocalist like the others; and the male voice does the harsh stuff. What sets them apart, is thier music is a lot slower and thicker. There is almost a stoner/doom vibe to it at times. You will find all throughout Doombound that the music is a lot more restrained than their counterparts. While some purists of the genre may flinch I think this is good as it gives an easier access to those that have not listened to this style before. I think the fact that this is a concept album, it facilitates the stylistic changes. The theme of the album is the story of Túrin Turambar, the tragic hero from Tolkein’s the Children of Hurin. “K¿rmessurma“

is the standout track, with its’ foreign vocals that take a pedestrian track and adds a level of intensity that is not found elsewhere. The album closer “Keilo”, is an instrumental and really shows off the bands chops. The track has a slower feel to it and is a fitting end to the tale of the inspiration for the album.

Doombound should be appeal to two types of fans. The hardcore Power/Epic Metal fans, as it has all elements they crave. And the traditional metalhead will find many things that appeal to them as well.

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