Motorhead-The World Is Yours


The almighty Motorhead has returned. Woken from there metal slumber armed with a new album. The World Is Yours is the newest offering from Lemmy and the boys and will hopefully continue the streak of great releases. The streak continuing? Hold on a second Cal Ripken. It seems that if you listen to it back to back, it sounds a whole lot better the second go ’round. It’s not that it is experimental and takes a while to get in to. Actually the first half of the album is rather mundane and the songs seem to have the same mid-pace tempo to them. I kept thinking that every song was “Cradle To the Grave”. That is the first noticeable disappointment. The past couple of releases have been real heavy and this sounds more like biker bar band music. Not that it is bad, it just has more of a swing, rather than a swagger, to it. Maybe so some of Lemmy’s ever present “dancing companions” can use Motorhead when they are working their way through college. Album opener “Born To Lose” and “ Get Back In Line” are the two standouts and exemplify what makes Motorhead a great band. Both tracks are like the aforementioned dancers, dangerous but so irresistible. The only other standout tracks are “Brotherhood Of Man”, one of the only songs that echo the aggressive styling’s of the previous albums; and “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” a song that is an instant Motorhead classic just on the title alone.

All in all, The World Is Yours is a good album. I just don’t know how good. Would I pay full price for it?


$10 on iTunes or Amazon or Best Buy?


The lack of power and the similarity of the first half is what holds this back from being a much better album.

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