Helstar-Glory of Chaos

The first time I heard about Helstar was in the pages of Hit Parader. The magazine had a feature on new bands with Houston’s own Helstar there and the first words mentioned was “Jose Elliot Chupa Los Huevos“. This was the bands response to Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot greeting the audience in Texas with “ How are all you wetbacks doing?” The Englishman made a mistake in slang that was easily forgotten in the pre-internet age. However, seeing that there was a band from my city in this national magazine along with Kiss and Iron Maiden made me a fan of theirs. Helstar delivered some really good metal releases through the years but like many, lack of big success along with time caused them to split.
Original members, singer James Rivera, guitarists Larry Barragan and Robert Trevino, bassist Jerry Abarca, along with drummer Mike Lewis have joined together and released Glory of Chaos a fantastic metal endeavor that stacks up well with not only their catalog but all of metal’s. What strikes you initially is how well James’ voice still sounds. He has always had a unique voice that is able to hit the high notes but also retains a lot of power. It still resonates well  and its’ intensity is complimented well with the music. While the band has always been metal they seem to have kicked up the testosterone on this one.  The aptly named “Pandemonium” and “Bone Crusher” help to kick off Glory Of Chaos with such intensity but it does not fall into the throwback metal cliché that is running rampant nowadays. Incredibly quick, precise, and heavy guitars pour over huge rhythms’ that just keep pounding throughout all 10 tracks. It all culminates with  “Alma Negra” a nut buster of a song that will cause many trips to the emergency room with all the damage that it will cause by sweaty dudes slamming into each other in the pit.
When they first came out Helstar may have gotten lost in the shuffle with all the bands that were out at that time. Glory of Chaos should help ensure that the band finally get its’ due.

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