Black Country Communion-Black Country

People  are going to say supergroup when talking about Black Country Communion. While the band does have an impressive line-up; singer Glenn Hughes, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Joe Bonamassa. Saying that they are a supergroup is a reach. What they are is a nice band that has just released their debut CD Black Country, a collection of blues rock songs that show why Glenn Hughes is such a great singer.
The songs on Black Country are predominately blues rock and that is right in the wheelhouse for Bonamassa’s playing and fits Hughes voice to a T.  The appropriately snaky groove in “Medusa” showcases Hughes emotional blues wail along with some ripping guitar playing from Bonamassa. Even though it is almost 7 minutes in length, the simple riff never gets old.  The band really hits is stride on the straight ahead rocker “Black Country”. While the other songs show that Glenn still has the feeling this song shows that he still has the power. ”One Last Soul” is the standout track that has a tasty chorus and feels like a real band song.
Black Country Communion succeeded in making a group of 4 well-know musicians make an album that sounds like a band. Black Country is a nice sum of the parts and shows some promise for future releases.

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