Murderdolls-Women and Children Last

The musical landscape has become littered with the tacky billboards of sub-genre’s. This plague upon the world has been brought upon us by the musical aficionados that turn their noses up at rap that is from the wrong coast. Or country that is not played by suburban college kids or metal that had not been reclassified in a way that by the time it takes you to decode the style the song is over. Unfortunately this bane is a curse that will always be upon us no matter the quantity of silver bullets, garlic crosses, or whatever repels zombies. Good movie scripts seems to have worked lately.
At the risk of adding to our societal disease, comes Women and Children Last, the newest offering from Murderdolls. The reason why they are adding fuel to the tire fire is that just calling them metal is a disservice. I think the only label that applies is Splatterpop. I believe that term, that I plan on copyrighting unless Gene Simmons beat me to it, fully encompasses the experience of the album.

While every song has a lyrical aspect that centers around killing or drugs or killing or murder or killing, they are all insanely catchy and you quickly find yourself bobbing along to the shooting spree anthem of “Bored To Death”  That can only be equaled by the Romeo and Juliet inspired “Summertime Suicide” a snappy account of a guy finding he lovers suicide note and then offing  himself. Take that Frank Sinatra.
Do not think that every song is the equivalent of a Roger Corman movie, “Nowhere” is a damn the torpedos anthem to believing in yourself. You have to give a lot of credit to guitarist Joey Jordison. While he is better know as the drummer for Slipknot, he is the sole guitarist in Murderdolls. He displays a crude but catchy style that is part AC/DC and part punk. The band is rounded out by singer Wednesday 13 who has a style that could best be described as a hype man at a live B&D sex show in Vegas. That or if Captain Spaulding was more interested in tattooed strippers than killing.
People may simply dismiss the Murderdolls as just a goofy side project but Women and Children Last shows that it may be better than the main band and stands tall on its own.

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