Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier

Metal stalwarts Iron Maiden have returned with the release on The Final Frontier. While most bands of their stature and age, are content with releasing Best Of’s and taking the easy payday with summer concerts. These guys have cranked out another stellar collection of songs that fit well with their classic catalog. Like many of their other album’s The Final Frontier has a loose theme, this one of  Space and exploration.. Hence the “Deluxe” package that resembles a porthole in a spaceship.
“El Dorado” was the first single released and it came out several weeks prior to the albums release. It served as a perfect taste of what was in store. This song along with the title track have a more “commercial” appeal that  “Can I Play With Madness” had which is great because it gives an easy access point for new fans. Let’s be honest with Guitar Hero and  Rock Band many of the classic metal bands are getting new looks from young fans from these video games. So by having tracks that are catchy and still showcase the band’s  trademark sound, everyone wins.
One of the hallmarks of the Iron Maiden sound is their lengthy songs that take the listener on a musical and lyrical journey. The latter half of Final Frontier is chockfull of these auditory adventures. To me the real standout is “Starblind”, a 9-minute trek that showcases some unique styling’s from Maiden.  What is so distinctive here is the off beat synchronization of Bruce Dickinson’s vocals to the music that the band is playing. At first is seems odd when heard but the genius of the track comes through the longer the song goes. The vocals are not always offbeat just on some of the choruses making it even more distinguishable and truly awesome.
The Final Frontier is another excellent chapter in Iron Maiden’s history. It shows that no matter a bands age, that creating good original music is a challenge that needs to be accepted and met.

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