Vince Neil-Tattoos & Tequila

There is nothing more insulting than an artist trying to cash in. This is evident with the release of Tattoos & Tequila from Vince Neil. Of course do not confuse this with his soon to be released autobiography or his new club. I think it is called cross marketing or something.
He has hordes of cash that he bang porn starts on nightly and yet has to reduce himself to the same level as a “tribute” CD that kept Deadline records alive for way too long. Think about it, this is the same thing that Mark Slaughter and Marq Tourquin have to do. Add in the fact that two members of Slaughter are the backing band, guitarist Jeff Blando and bassist Dana Strum, and this has disaster written all over it,
Shockingly, it is not. Vince did a nice job in choosing songs that he obviously loved when he was a kid.  The admiration comes through loud and clear and it adds a layer of fun to it, Naturally there is the requisite Aerosmith track, “Nobody’s Fault”. This is done as the straight ahead rocker that it is but if you have heard the Testament version this really pales in comparison. After that he does a nice job of choosing the obvious band but doing the surprising song. Vince covers the Scorpions on “Another Piece of Meat”. Really superb choice of cover and it fits his style real well. His version of “ACDC” from The Sweet is a nice homage to a very underrated band. You could say the same thing for “He’s A Whore” by Cheap Trick.
There are some curious choices at the end the album. “Who’ll Stop the Rain’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival. To his credit, Vince’s version has more of a country feel to it so he at least tried something different with it. Lastly, there is “Viva Las Vegas”. I know Vince has a huge affinity for Vegas so a tribute should be in order. However, taking such an iconic song and re-working it like he has just comes off as real hokey.
The two original tracks “Tattoos & Tequila” and “Another Bad Day” are decent. The title track is a typical sexually charged song that pole dancers will be using for years. “Another Bad  Day” was written by Nikki Sixx and was originally supposed to be released on Motley Crue’s “New Tattoo” CD. This song is more of a mid-paced melancholy song that echoes what they did when they reunited years ago.
Credit needs to be given to producer Jack Blades, The Night Ranger singer/bassist does a great job in having the band not fall into the habit of sounding like the original or Crue.
All in all, Vince has done a nice job with this disc and if you get it at Best Buy for $8 like I did or iTunes for $10 then you should be happy. Anything more than that and only the hard cores will be happy.

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