Skull Fist-Heavier Than Metal EP

There seems to be this rash of bands that think this is 1982 and we are in San Francisco hanging out at Ruthie’s. No matter how hard this wave of neo-thrashers tries, it is still 2010. Canada’s Skull Fist has debuted with an EP of said neo-thrash called Heavier Than Metal. The retro-ness of the album is obvious from the cover. With a skull headed monster towering over a city with the band’s lightning bolt font logo in the background I feel like I am in junior high and going through the bins at Texas Tapes & Records. The thing is I am not 13 and Texas Tapes has long been closed, and this is has been done.   Many times before and better.
Which I think is the inherent problem with this new wave of bands. To the younger crowd it will come off as fresh and a way to experience the scene that they read about in magazines and online. They can throw on their tight black jeans with puffy white sneakers and top it off with a sleeveless jean jacket covered in patches.  All of this will still not change what year it really is. Those that experienced it the first time can enjoy a band like Skull Fist a little but it comes off more like a thrash version of Steel Panther than anything.
Just in case you did not realize how metal this band is, they hammer home the point with the song titles. While only 5 songs in length, two of them have the word “metal” in their title. There is the title track plus the battle cry mantra of “No False Metal”. The bands sound evokes the past as they have the thin sounding guitars that dominated the henre back then. The real puzzling part is the lead singer’s voice. It is very high pitched but not in a good way. It maintains the same level in every song no matter the part and sounds more like Mark Slaughter than anyone.
It affects the bands sound so much that it makes the ironically titled track “Heavier Than Metal” comes across more as a hard rock song rather than a thrash battle cry. That is the best way to describe the EP. This band wants to be one thing but since they are not authentic they come across as the poseurs that they have are railing against.

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